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Are You Not Entertained?
Character Grey Goo
Region Ancient Rome
Medal Timed Gold Medal: 2:53
Silver Medal: 3:10
Bronze Medal: 3:40
Medal Timed (Hard) Gold Medal: 3:40
Silver Medal: 3:50
Bronze Medal: 4:10
Required 38 Gold Medal
Walkthrough Video
Nearby Levels
"Shopping Spree"
"Big Kitties"
"Mosaic Muncher" "Big Kitties Hard"

Are You Not Entertained? is the fourth level from the last level of the Ancient Rome in Tasty Planet Back for Seconds. In bonus level, it's the second level, you must reach 38 gold medals to unlock this level.


  • Starting point: 17.1 centimeters
  • Required size: 2.67 meters

Edible Objects - Size


  • First scale: about 77.1 centimeters

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