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Position 6th
Character Grey Goo
Number of levels 8
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City is the sixth world in Tasty Planet. There are eight levels and no cutscenes in this world.


Continuing on from the park, the Grey Goo eats lots of humans, transport, trees and buildings, all while avoiding the city's police and military forces throughout the world's eight levels. It eventually grows to 41 meters in size.

Edible Objects


#. Picture Name Starting point Required Tip
1 City 1 61.6 centimeters 7 meters -
2 City 2 61.6 centimeters 6 meters -
3 City 3 61.6 centimeters 5 meters -
4 City 4 61.6 centimeters 7 meters -
5 City 5 84.9 centimeters 18 meters -
6 City 6 3.36 meters 32 meters -
7 City 7 3.36 meters 37 meters -
8 City 8 3.36 meters 41 meters -

Major Events

  • The city's police and military forces in bulk try and fail to destroy the Grey Goo.
  • The Grey Goo reaches the size of 41 meters, big enough to eat most buildings.


  • This world is the first to feature vehicles.
  • This world uses a very similar background to Park, due to it being a direct continuation of that world.

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