Distant Future
Position 6th
Character Grey Goo
Number of levels 10
(Bonus) 13
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Distant Future is the sixth and final world in Tasty Planet Back for Seconds. There are ten levels and two cutscenes in story mode and there are thirteen levels in bonus mode in this world.


In the first cutscene, we see that the old scientist and his apprentice have preserved their brains to last long enough to see the Grey Goo arrive in a new time period for the last time. They have prepared various animals and robots to try and destroy the grey goo before it eats the entire planet. The Grey Goo eats through bacteria among other things in Snack to the Future, eats many things (including the old scientist and his apprentice), eventually eating most of the city in which it arrived while being attacked by fire ants, cats and eventually army tanks in From Ants to Tanks. In Solar System Snack, the grey goo eats through asteroids, the Earth and the other planets of the solar system while being attacked by flying saucers. In Final Frontier, the grey goo eats stars, nebulas and galaxies, eating them in groups and then clusters. In All the Way Down, the grey goo eats the fabric of the universe and an infinite amount of Turtles of Time, meaning that it will never stop and is stuck eating them forever.

Edible Objects


Story Mode

#. Picture Name Starting point Requried Tip
1 Snacktothefuture Snack to the Future 162 nanometers 783 micrometers -
2 Fromantstotanks From Ants to Tanks 642 micrometers 56.4 meters -
3 Ratsvs.cats Rats vs. Cats 6.36 centimeters 41.2 centimeters -
4 Treeforts Treeforts 72.3 centimeters 3.61 meters -
5 Machinelaser Machinelaser 8.12 centimeters 38.3 centimeters -
6 Tastytanks Tasty Tanks 1.98 meters 6.26 meters -
7 Solarsystemsnack Solar System Snack 39 meters 313,000 km -
8 Lasershuttles Laser Shuttles 2.52 meters 19.6 meters -
9 Finalfrontier Final Frontier 313,000 km 63.3 megaparsecs -
10 Finallevel All The Way Down 162 nanometers 6.38 gigaparsecs -

Bonus Mode

#. Picture


Starting point Required Tip
1 Snacktothefuture Snack to the Future Hard 162 nanometers 783 micrometers -
2 Braaains Braaaains! - 106 brains  Who left all the brains lying around? Eat 106 brains.
3 Fromantstotanks From Ants to Tanks Hard 642 micrometers 56.4 meters -
4 Hovermaze Hovermaze 16.7 centimeters 77.1 centimeters -
5 Gooturistic Gooturistic - Grey Goo -
6 Hovershield Hovershield 23.2 centimeters 45 centimeters -
7 Solarsystemsnack1 Solar System Snack Hard 39 meters 313 megameters -
8 VacuumCleanerRights Vacuum Cleaner Rights 2.36 centimeters 19.6 centimeters -
9 Tastytanks Tasty Tanks Hard 1.98 meters 6.26 meters -
10 Finalfrontier Final Frontier Hard 313 megameters 63.3 megaparsecs -
11 Ratsvs.cats Rats vs. Cats Hard 6.36 centimeters 41.2 centimeters -
12 Machinelaser Machinelaser Hard 8.12 centimeters 38.3 centimeters -
13 Finallevel All The Way Down Hard 162 nanometers 6.38 gigaparsecs -

Major Events

  • The Grey Goo eats Earth, the other planets in the solar system, the sun, many of its neighboring stars, the Milky Way galaxy, many of its neighbouring galaxies and clusters, the entire universe and is now infinitely eating through the Turtles of Time.
  • The old scientist(along with some aliens) tries to stop the grey goo with many weapons but fails.

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