Position 8th
Character Grey Goo
Number of levels 10
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Earth's orbit is the eighth world in Tasty Planet. There are ten levels and no cutscenes in this world.


In Orbit 1, we see that the Grey Goo has now launched into orbit but has now shrunken down to the size of 11.2 centimeters. Throughout the world's first seven levels, it eats through meteoroids, astronauts, and spacecraft (including Sputnik and the International Space Station), growing to the size of 65 meters despite being attacked by some shuttles. In Orbit 8, it then grows to 100 meters off-screen and eats through asteroids while being attacked by alien spacecraft, reaching a size of 1 kilometer. It then grows even further to 10 kilometers off-screen and eats more asteroids and energy entities, reaching a size of 100 kilometers in Orbit 9 and then to 633 kilometers off-screen. In Orbit 10, it eats very large doomsday asteroids around the Earth, eventually eating the Moon to reach a size of 4,000 kilometers.

Edible ObjectsEdit


#. Picture Name Starting point Required Tip
1 Orbit 1 11.2 centimeters 70 centimeters -
2 Orbit 2 33.5 centimeters 3.5 meters -
3 Orbit 3 67.1 centimeters 7.5 meters -
4 Orbit 4 1.43 meters 12 meters -
5 Orbit 5 3.35 meters 32 meters -
6 Orbit 6 6.33 meters 40 meters -
7 Orbit 7 7.83 meters 65 meters -
8 Orbit 8 100 meters 1 kilometer -
9 Orbit 9 10 kilometers 100 kilometers -
Orbit 10 633 kilometers 4,000 kilometers -

Major EventsEdit

  • The Grey Goo launches into orbit.
  • Earth tries one last attack on the grey goo using attack shuttles. When this fails, some aliens try to destroy it with their own large spacecraft.
  • The grey goo eats many satellites and spacecraft, including Sputnik, the International Space Station and even the moon.
  • The grey goo grows to a size of 4 megameters, large enough to eat small planets and most moons.


  • Every object found in this world has not previously appeared in the game/series, due to the Grey Goo leaving the Earth and entering orbit.

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