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Lab Rats and Lab Cats
Character Grey Goo
Region Laboratory
Medal Timed Gold Medal: 0:55
Silver Medal: 0:50
Bronze Medal: 0:35
Medal Timed (Hard) Gold Medal: 0:20
Silver Medal: 0:17
Bronze Medal: 0:10
Required 30 Silver Medal
Walkthrough Video
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Lab Rats and Lab Cats is the third level of Laboratory in Tasty Planet Back for Seconds in Story Mode. In Bonus Mode, there is Lab Rats and Lab Cats Hard, it's the eighth level in Laboratory, to unlock this level, you must reach 30 silver medal in game.


  • Starting point: 9.29 centimeters
  • Required size: 42.3 centimeters
  • Tip: Be careful around larger entities - some of them will hurt if they touch you.

Edible Object - Size


  • There is no scale in this level.