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Position 4th
Character Grey Goo
Number of levels 3
(Bonus) 1(iOS only)
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Ocean is the fourth world in Tasty Planet. There are three levels and one cutscene in this world. There is also one bonus level in this world, however it is exclusive to the iOS version of the game.


In the first and only cutscene, the grey goo is spotted by the scientists, who trap it and throw it in the ocean in an attempt to destroy it. Their attempt fails however, as the grey goo soon becomes bigger than all the fish as seen throughout the world's three levels, eventually reaching a size of 4 meters at the end of Ocean 3.

Edible Objects


Main Story

#. Picture Name Starting point Required Tip
Ocean 1 11.2 centimeters 50 centimeters -
Ocean 2 29.4 centimeters 1.5 meters -
Ocean 3 78.5 centimeters 4 meters -

Bonus Level(iOS exclusive)

#. Picture Name Starting point Required Tip
Bonus Laser Dolphins 29.4 centimeters 1.5 meters -

Major EventsEdit

  • The old scientist and his apprentice find and trap the Grey Goo. They then throw it into the ocean.
  • The Grey Goo grows in size to 4 meters, surpassing the size of humans.


  • This is the only world to have a bonus level in Tasty Planet, however the level is only available on iOS.
  • Every object found in this world has not previously appeared in the game/series, likely due to the Grey Goo leaving land and entering an entirely different ecosystem, the sea.

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