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Palm Tree2

Class/Type Plant
Region Park, City, Late Cretaceous, Ancient Egypt, Feudal Japan, Distant Future
First Level Egg Thief
Latest Level Coconut Fire
Appearances 30

Tree is a perennial plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, supporting leaves or branches. Flowers and fruit may also be present, but some trees such as conifers instead have pollen cones and seed cones, and others such as tree ferns produce spores instead.

In Tasty Planet trees can be found in Park and City.

In Tasty Planet Back for Seconds they can be found in Late Cretaceous (Birch Tree, Oak Tree, Maple Tree, Redwood Tree), Ancient Egypt (Palm Tree), Feudal Japan (Cherry Blossom Tree) and Distant Future (Birch Tree, Maple Tree).

In Tasty Blue they can be found in the Tropical region, first found in Coconuts, however they can't be eaten in that level.


  • Biggest size:
    • Tasty Planet:
      • Coniterous Tree: 17 meters
      • Deciduous Tree: 18.5 meters
    • Tasty Planet Back for Seconds:
      • Birch Tree: 5.4 meters,
      • Oak Tree: 12.5 meters,
      • Maple Tree, 9.6 meters,
      • Redwood Tree: 30 meters,
      • Palm Tree: 5.5 meters,
      • Cherry Blossom Tree: 3 meters.
    • Tasty Blue:
      • Palm Tree: About 11.7 m.